World Scout Jamboree 2023

The next World Scout Jamboree will take place in South Korea in Summer 2023. Planning for the event is underway and Avon County are now looking for candidates to apply for our leadership team. We’re keen to make our team as diverse and inclusive as possible so we’d love to hear from you if you think you can take on a challenging but ultimately highly fulfiling role. You can access the application form along with detailed role descriptions¬†here. Don’t spend ages on the words you use – just be yourself and, if it’s easier, why not contact Andy Hobbs or even send a short video telling me about yourself?

Preparation for the event, including building a leadership team and supporting the young people to form a cohesive unit, will be demanding on your time. You need to ensure that your family, work, and volunteering commitments are effectively balanced so that you can put in the time needed to make a success of running the unit. If you can do this, you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime. As a change from previous events, we will consider applications from previous leadership team participants. Preference is likely to be given to those applicants who are considered capable of performing a role and have not previously taken part, however, we wish to open up the role(s) to the widest possible audience and would be like to hear from those of you who’ve been there and got the t-shirt (and badges, woggles, scarves etc). And a quick plea from me. If you do send an application, just send the applicant bit, please don’t also send the role descriptions that follow!

The cost of the Jamboree has yet to be finalised and once we know more we’ll let you know. Financial support will be available from the County (amount to be determined) however, please note that, as per County Finance Policy, if you have received a subsidy from the County for an international event in the last 5 years, you are not eligible this time around. Support for anyone with financial hardship will, of course, be considered so do please let me know if that is a concern. And don’t forget, there is often support available from your local Groups and Districts so you may wish to make some early tentative enquiries.

Please get in touch by the close of play on July 31. We’ll then be in touch with details of interviews/assessments for the team. If you apply for the role of unit leader – and I sincerely hope you do – you’ll need to be available during August to help run the recruitment process for the rest of the team.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do give me a call. Further information about the event can be found here:

Andy Hobbs, ACC International