Ignite 17 County Youth Forum

In October 2017 the first County Youth Forum “Ignite17” was held at Woodhouse Park Scout Activity Centre. Organised by County Youth Commissioner Jodi Walsh and her team, more than 50 young people from across the county were brought together for a full day of forums, fun and food! The aim of the day was to Ignite their ideas and shape the future of Scouting in Avon County.

Each district was invited to select 3 Scouts and 2 Explorers to send to the forum providing a spread of young people from across Avon County to give their opinions.

The morning consisted of separate Scout and Explorer Forums. The Scouts focused on discussing the County’s Scout events, and came up with elaborate plans for new camps they wished to see ranging from the Hunger Games Camp to a Movie Marathon. They were also asked their opinion on Peer Leadership and how they views their PLs and APLs.

The Explorer forum focused upon the National consultation on the draft strategic plan for Vision 2023. They prioritised the way the Scout Association should move forward and highlighted the need for additional support around employability at the Explorer age.

After a delicious BBQ the young people were let loose on a variety of giant inflatables (assault course, Velcro fly wall, gladiator ring, sumo suits) by trading their ideas for tickets. There were 5 questions which they could answer to earn a ticket for the inflatables including “what activities would you like to see at the next Avon Jamboree” and “If you could send your leaders on any training course, what would it be?”.

The afternoon ended with a number of VIPs visiting the young people for speed-table top discussions. They were:

  • Ashley Russell, National Trustee of The Scout Association
  • Joshua Smith, Chair of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO)
  • Chris Padgett on behalf of Gemma Sharples, Avon County Network Commissioner
  • Simon Carnigie, Avon Scouts County Trustee
  • Barry Seward, Avon Assistant County Commissioner for Activities

All VIPs found the hour insightful and helpful for the future development of their Scouting work.

Feedback so far found the day to be fun, talkative, inspiring and empowering.

A full report from the event including the ideas of the young people will be available in the new year.

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