Do you fancy a challenge? We’ve got two for you to consider

First of all….

World Scout Jamboree 2023

The next World Scout Jamboree will take place in South Korea in Summer 2023. Planning for the event is underway and Avon County are due to formally start recruiting our leadership team in early 2021. To get ahead of the game we’re looking to hear from you now if you would be interested in applying for a leadership role (Leader or Assistant Leader). If you know this is something you’d like to take part in please click here for the application form along with detailed role descriptions. Please consider carefully which role you think you’d be suitable for and do note that we’ve not yet had the go ahead from national HQ so times and details may change.

Preparation for the event, including building a leadership team and supporting the young people to form a cohesive unit, will be demanding on your time. You need to ensure that your family, work and volunteering commitments are effectively balanced so that you can put in the time needed to make a success of running the unit. If you can do this, you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime. As a change from previous events, we will consider applications from previous leadership team participants. Preference is likely to be given to those applicants who are considered capable of performing a role and have not previously taken part, however we wish to open up the role(s) to the widest possible audience and would be like to hear from those of you who’ve been there and got the t shirt (and badges, woggles, scarves etc). And a quick plea from me. If you do send an application, just send the applicant bit, please don’t also send the role descriptions that follow!

The cost of the Jamboree has yet to be finalised. However, we can expect the UK participants to pay ‘top dollar’ so you should be prepared for a significant financial commitment. Financial support will be available from the County (amount to be determined) however, please note that, as per County Finance Policy, if you have received a subsidy from the County for an international event in the last 5 years, you are not eligible this time around. Support for anyone with financial hardship will, of course, be considered so do please let me know if that is a concern. There is often support available from your local Groups and Districts so you may wish to make some early tentative enquiries.

To help you with your decision and provide a bit more of an insight into what the WSJ experience is all about, we have arranged Zoom calls on the evening of 3 and 4 December details will be sent nearer the time. At the meeting we’ll have ‘experts’ from previous events and do let me know if you have any questions you’d like us to consider by dropping me a line in advance.

If it helps, below is a rough timeline for how I see things panning out which, as ever, will be subject to other factors falling into place e.g. confirmation from HQ that we can start recruiting and how many contingents we will be offered as a county.

Q4 2020 – expressions of interest received

3&4/12/2020 – Zoom call – “So what’s it all about?” and Q and A

1/1/2021 – Applications for leadership positions formally open

31/1/2021 – Deadline closes

Feb 2021 – Interview for leadership position(s)

April 2021 – Interviews/assessments for leadership team(s)

May 2021 – Districts to begin selection for YP

September 2021 – First contingent meeting(s)

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do give me a call. Further information about the event can be found here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

And what about…?

Avon International Adventure 2022/23

We are seeking candidates to help shape and lead a brand new Avon International Adventure, during either 2022/23. As the headline suggests, are you up for the challenge of organising something new that will hopefully be repeated into future years? Historically, the County has had links with Uganda and other parts of the world and we are looking to provide yet another opportunity for our young people to benefit from an international experience.

We’ve taken the initial step of consulting young people around the County and the responses we have received suggest that their strong preference is for a visit involving Europe. As to what they wanted to do whilst there, we had a range of views with the top 3 being; taking part in project/volunteering, touring the country and going to an activity centre. What we are asking of a potential leadership team is for them to develop the plan for the adventure in consultation with County colleagues and Young People.

The event is currently open ended so, whilst we would love to hear from all of you, leaders who have experience with overseas adventures and working with young people from the target age range which, subject to final discussions, is older Scouts and Explorer Scouts are going to have an advantage. Other than that, this is very much in the early planning stage and we need a team to help make this happen.

If you are interested, can you let me know by dropping me a short line at the e mail address below? If I can hear from you by the end of December, I’ll follow up by arranging a call/meeting to talk through the next steps.

Whilst we will consider applications for both the World Jamboree and Avon International Experience you will only be offered one role as it will not be possible for you to do both. Also, in these uncertain times I can understand that you may be reluctant to put yourself forward for one of the roles above. All I ask is that you look on this as a positive opportunity to get back out in what we hope will be a more stable world when the events come around and not be put off by the challenges we all currently face.

As mentioned above, please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything about any of the above.


Andy Hobbs, Assistant County Commissioner, International or phone 07468 600531