FAQs about Activity Permits


Q.  I want to run an Activity but I don’t have a Scout Activity Permit, how do I apply?

A.  If you want a permit yourself then, in the first instance, speak with your Group Scout Leader, Sectional Assistant District Commissioner or District Commissioner for contact details. However, if you simply want to run an activity in your section without having a permit yourself then you can source permit holders on Compass.


Q.  I’m not a Section Leader but I’d like to volunteer as a Skills Instructor, where do I sign up?

A.  Great – if you already have the skills we’d love to discuss this with you in further detail. Skills Instructors need much more training than permit holders and this requires dedication to the activity. Please contact Barry Seward, Assistant County Commissioner for Activities.


Q.  What type of Skills Instructors does Avon Scouts need?

A.  We are actively looking to increase our Skills Instructors in the areas of: Canoeing/Kayaking, Rowing and Pulling and Caving. Contact Barry Seward, Assistant County Commissioner for Activities who would love to hear from you.


Q.  Which type of Adventurous Activities require permits?

A.  The Scout Association requires a leader to hold a Scout Activity Permit and to have achieved a minimum level of competency – refer to POR Section 9.


Q.  What type of Activity Permit can I apply for?

A.  If you can think of an adventurous activity between A to Z, then we can probably arrange for you to achieve a permit. Some examples are Archery, Shooting, Hiking, Skiing, Paddle Board, Dragon Boat Racing, Kayaking, Canoeing or Sailing. Remember that you have to have basic skills and be assessed before the permit can be issued.


Q.  That’s great, but what about activities that are not so adventurous – eg. Circus Skills – how do I find someone in the County who would be able to come along to our Section meeting? I am looking for an adult who is willing to share their knowledge with the young people, so that the Beaver, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers can achieve an Activity or Challenge Badge.

A.  Firstly speak with your Group Scout Leader, Assistant District Commissioner (Sectional) or District Commissioner for contact details.


Q.  How much will it cost me to get a Scout Activity Permit?

A.  This is dependent on the type of activity that you would like to achieve a permit in e.g. Camping versus Kayaking. Camping permits (indoor, camping or Greenfield) can be achieved very easily through normal scouting activities. Adventurous activity permits may require you to attend a specialized course. Funding is usually split between Group, District/County and the Individual.


Q.  Where do I find details of Activity Permit Holders in the County?

A.  In the first instance, contact your District Commissioner, who will have access to the Compass database where all Activity Permit Holders are listed.