Governance & Board of Trustees

The Scout Association exists by authority of a Royal Charter. These give authority to the Bye Laws of the Association, which are approved by Her Majesty’s Privy Council.  The Bye Laws, in turn, authorise the making of rules for the regulation of the Association’s affairs. The rules are laid out in the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.  Scout Counties are autonomous charities affiliated to The Scout Association which together form the Scout Movement in the United Kingdom.

The County Executive Committee is the Board of Trustees of the Scout County and exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and to provide support for Scout Districts and the Scout Network in the County.  The County Scout Council is the electoral body which supports and encourages the development of Scouting in the County.  It is the body to which the County Executive Committee is accountable.

The County Executive/Board of Trustees meets regularly throughout the year and has committed itself to becoming an exemplar of good practice in governance. The Committee/Board has contributed to and then adopted the County Plan. It developed and approved a budget aligned to the plan, and forecast forward 3-5 years.  It has adopted ways of working which will facilitate the achievement of the plan and will provide a transparent approach to governance and decision making.

Board of Trustees

Members of the County Executive/Board of Trustees for 2022/23


  • County Chairman – Neil Salter
  • County Commissioner – Clive Sandrey
  • County Treasurer – Kevin FitzGerald
  • County Secretary – Vacant
  • County Youth Commissioner – Ethan Harwood

Elected Members

  • Alan Dempster
  • Tony Rees
  • Nigel Ball
  • Garry Barron
  • David Milton

Nominated by the County Commissioner

  • Simon Hornsby
  • Azir Razzak
  • Steve McKenna

Co-opted Members

  • None

Right of Attendance

  • Regional Commissioner for the South West of England

Invited to Attend (non-Trustees)

  • Nominated Member of the Council of The Scout Association – Stu Ballard, Ethan Harwood and Andrew Phelps

Charity Commission Returns

Details of Avon Scouts annual Charity Commission Returns including Annual Reports and Accounts can be found on the Charity Commission’s website

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