County Team

The County Management Team is the County Commissioner,  Deputy County Commissioners, District Commissioners, the County Training Manager, and County Scout Network Commissioner. Together they manage and lead Scouting in the County under the overall leadership of the County Commissioner.

The wider County Team includes a wide variety of County volunteers who manage, deliver, and support a wide range of activities, support and services provided by the County to help Scouting develop and grow. These include program support Commissioners, Advisers, Assessors, Instructors, Scout Active Support members etc.

County Team 

County Commissioner – Graham Brant –

As Avon County Commissioner, I am the senior operational volunteer within the County of Avon. Working closely with the Chair of the County Trustees board, my role is to provide strategic vision, leadership and operational effectiveness to the County. I achieve this with support of the nine District Commissioners, my Deputies and Assistant County Commissioners.

I have personally been involved in scouting since a young boy and have had experience of working with all the sections. Whilst the role is time-consuming it is also extremely rewarding to see young people being able to join our wonderful movement and gain lifelong experiences.

Deputy County Commissioners

General Duties – Stuart Ballard –

My main focus of responsibility lies in the overview of the five Scouting Sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network.) This includes Queen’s Scout Award, Duke of Edinburgh Award and Sectional Top Awards. My role also has oversight of Activities and International experiences.

In my spare time I have responsibility for Good Service Awards in the County.

People – Nigel Ball –

My role is focused on growth and development. It encompasses creating new provision and growing existing provision, working closely with the Regional Service team and the Pears project coordinator. 

Programme – Alec

I started my Scouting as a cub scout in East Lancashire and worked my way through the sections and eventually became an assistant Beaver leader. After finishing university I moved and joined Avon County where I first joined the county team as Deputy County Youth Commissioner before becoming County Youth Commissioner and then DCC. My role is to support the programme and adult volunteers for the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Young Leaders and Network Sections.

Perception – Isabelle Mills –

My role is to support the County Commissioner and DC’s in regard to Marketing and Communications for the County, in addition, I am also Camp Chief for Avon Jamboree.  I first joined scouting as a parent volunteer when my son joined Beaver Scouts, a few years later I became Assistant Beaver Scout Leader when my daughter joined our local Scout Group, volunteering once a week during term time.  

County Training Manager Clive Sandrey –

I am responsible for all adult leader training in Avon. In the county we have a team of Adult Trainers, Local Training Managers and Training Advisors who support leaders through their training. My aim is to make training useful to our leaders and help them provide fantastic opportunities for our young people. In conjunction with this we need to ensure that all the adults looking after our young people are appropriately up to date with current legislation, I was a cub and a scout in my youth and re-joined as an adult leader when my eldest son joined cubs. I have been a section leader and an Assistant District Commissioner in the past and have had an adult role for 30 years.

Assistant County Commissioners

International Commissioner – Andy Hobbs –

I’ve been Scouting on and off for a while now and had the fortune to be involved in leading a World Jamboree contingent to Thailand as well as organising and participating in international experiences in the US, Italy, Switzerland and other odd bits of Europe. In my spare time I’m an acting GSL with a Group of 8 sections, about to stand down as an ESL and help out with our Young Leader training programme in Cabot District. I assist groups around the county with their international travel, ensuring they do the right things at the right time and remember to sort out the right bits so that their young people can have a safe and enjoyable time wherever in the world they want to go.

Activities Commissioner –Mike

The ACC oversees the adventurous activities permit scheme on behalf of the County and to manage the various adventurous activity sections which include Water Activities (Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Rafting and Rowing and Pulling); Air Activities (Gliding, Hover crafting.); Land Activities (Archery, Shooting, Hillwalking, Climbing, Caving, and Winter Sports). 

Beaver Commissioner – Lucy Collins –

I joined the Scout movement after a lifetime of wishing I had had the chance when a child. This was reinforced by watching my Aunt, as Akela of her local Cub Pack, putting so much energy into giving her young people so many opportunities for fun and life lessons. When my daughter was born I realised she could be the Scout I never was and I could follow in my Aunt’s footsteps and so I became Assistant Beaver Leader at 3rd Wallscourt Farm. I joined the County Team in the hopes of making a difference to the Scouting lives of even more young people.

My main role as ACC is to support ADCs to ensure our Leaders get the support they need, to give our Beaver Scouts across the County the best Scouting experience we can provide. This will prepare our young people with valuable Skills for Life.

Cub CommissionerJan Knott –

I first became involved in Scouting as an Assistant Cub Scout Leader in 1983, when I joined as a means of getting my eldest son into Cubs.  I had so much fun and learned so much, that apart from a few years gap I’ve stayed on, in various roles but mostly to do with the Cub Scout section.  I consider myself very lucky to have had opportunities to meet amazing people when I ran events at District level and represented nine counties on the then National Cub Scout Advisory Board.  I’m currently GSL for 1st Burrington and Wrington Scout and Guide Group.

My main role as ACC is to support ADC’s to ensure our Leaders get the support they need, to give our Cub Scouts across the County the best Scouting experience we can provide.  This will prepare our young people with valuable Skills for Life.

Scout Commissioner Andrew Phelps

I’ve been involved in scouting on and off since being a cub at 234th Northwinds Scout Group aged 6.  My main role as ACC Scouts is to ensure purpose, method, policies and programme are carried out throughout the Scout Section in the County. I’m here to assist ADC (Scouts) in the encouragement of all Leaders in the Scout Section to provide a balanced programme and give all scouts the same opportunities. Part of my role is to pass on updates and encourage idea sharing throughout all the 9 Districts for the scout section and to maintain contact relevant to the Scout Section age group within the local community.

I am also a Scout Leader in Stoke Gifford and have been on numerous international trips including leading Avonation at the 24th WSJ in USA and Canada.  In my spare time I help to organise County Competitions like the Cooking Comp, Kahoutek and Monopoly Run plus support the CC.

Explorer Commissioner Chris Padgett –

My role is to support the District Explorer Scout Commissioners to deliver a great Scouting experience for 14-18 year olds across each District. As an Explorer Scout Leader myself, I get to see the benefit that Explorer Scouts gain from different opportunities in Scouting, and my role is to help to facilitate these opportunities further by sharing ideas between each District in the County and providing support to overcome any barriers that arise.

Young Leaders – Dafydd Knops-

As an ACC for Young Leaders it is my role to support the District Young Leaders who are responsible for working with the Young Leaders across their district. We will be working together to build a great programme and experience for Young Leaders across the county.

Network Commissioner – Gemma Sharples –

As the Assistant County Commissioner for Network, I am responsible for supporting the District Scout Network Commissioners who are all working with their units to ensure a varied programme, based on adventure, international and community that The Scout Association provides for Network members across the County.

Youth CommissionerGary Barron

As County Youth Commissioner, I am responsible for ensuring all of our Young People within the County have a voice and are able to shape their movement at appropriate times.  The County Youth Forums (Ignite and Sparks) give the Young People the best opportunity to have a say but I also work with all of the District Youth Commissioners in Avon to make sure the Youth Shaped Scouting in the Districts is the best that it can be.

Deputy Youth Commissioner – Jack Bateman –

Deputy Youth Commissioner – Beth Probert –

Districts & District Commissioners

Axe District – Ali Kattana and Richard Hurst –


Bristol South District – Scott Stowell –

Brunel District – Clive Mason –

Cabot District – Chris Gavriel –

Cotswold Edge – Dean Ashpole-Champman-

Gordano District – Tony Tween & Steve Hamey –

Kingswood District – Jamie Martin –

Wansdyke District – Tina Curtis –