Adult Awards

The Scout Association has a scheme providing formal recognition of good adult service. It also recognises special acts of bravery, quick thinking in the face of danger, courage and endurance for all young people and adults involved in the Movement.

Most of the adults involved in Scouting look for and expect no reward, but a timely word of thanks in the right direction never goes amiss and can work wonders in terms of morale and motivation, not to mention retention. To make that occasional ‘thank you’ even more special, I would ask you to give serious consideration to making an application for an Award for those Members and Associate Members who, over a period of time, you find yourself thanking more frequently.

Awards for Gallantry and Meritorious Conduct, including the Cornwell Scout Badge. While the numbers awarded are small, the effect they can have on recipients and their immediate families, as well as on local Scouting, can be significant. If you think you have someone in Scouting in your District or County/Area whose bravery, courage, quick thinking or endurance, either during a single incident, or during a prolonged period of suffering, deserves recognition, please make an early application.

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