Scouting ambassadors are prominent people who support us in transforming the lives of young people. They are representatives for Scouting, and use their knowledge and experience to benefit the Movement. Scouting has a number of high profile national ambassadors and we are building on this locally.

Thanks to their high profiles they can promote Scouting to everyone, encouraging more people to volunteer and more young people to join. Ambassadors also get the chance to show fellow peers and professionals just how much fun Scouting is.

‘Scouting set me on the right path at a young age because I loved the outdoors and I loved adventure. It gave me the opportunity to discover new interests, explore new boundaries and build the confidence to achieve new goals. Scouting was the first step on a journey that led to me becoming an astronaut. With the right people, the right attitude and the right skills, anything is possible.’  Major Tim Peake