Volunteers from Avon to Make Jamboree Possible

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In Summer 2015, over 40,000 Scouts from around the world will gather in Kirara-Hama in Japan for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. They will enjoy a range of activities and experiences. But all this is only possible thanks to a large group of volunteers known as the International Service Team, or IST.

Selection for the IST has been highly competitive. Across the South West region over 200 applied to join the team of 93. 24 Successful candidates were from Avon, which is the largest South West team. Selection took the form of a three-part day of activities to identify a range of skills including teamwork, leadership and communication, as well as a level of physical fitness.

Candidates first took part in a communication exercise at 1st Nailsea HQ - to design an informative communication to a Jamboree Unit to support their training.
For the second part of the day, the candidates were transported by minibus to the Gordano District Campsite at Glenny Wood. There they were given a safety briefing and issued with equipment including hi-vis vests, safety goggles and gloves. Their task was to build the framework for a new campfire seating area using timber. After the selection day, the Glenny Wood campsite team finished the benches which will provide seating for 180 around the campfire for years to come. As well as testing teamwork and leadership skills, the participants were also assessed on their ability to follow instructions, use heavy tools and their physical fitness.

To finish the day, each candidate took part in a 15 minute interview. The results were then sent to HQ.

Phil Woolcock, Deputy County Commissioner 6-14 and Activities, has been working with the Jamboree volunteers from November onwards, and organised the selection day. He said

"It is fantastic to see the number of volunteers stepping forward to be part of the International Support Team in Japan. The selection achievement rates were very high, and we have a strong team of volunteers to go to Japan. The WSJ is a unique, life-changing experience at a world-wide event which normally has more countries taking part than the Olympics. I am sure all those attending will have a fabulous time and benefit greatly from the whole experience."

As well as the IST, 72 Young people and 8 adults from will be attending as part of the UK contingent. Find out more