St Georges Day Awards 2014

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Congratulations to those achieving St George's Day Awards. The Association has a national awards system for recognising good service, length of service and special acts of heroism and bravery, courage or endurance, and devotion to duty under suffering.

Silver Wolf

In recognition of services to Scouting of the most exceptional nature. The Silver Wold was introduced by Lord Baden-Powell and remains the Scout Association's highest award for service to Scouting. 

  • Stuart Eric Ballard - Cub Scout Leader, 1st Keynsham. Training Adviser, Wansdyke. Queens Scout Award Co-ordinator. Deputy County Commissioner.
  • William Peter Hodgson - County Skills Instructor.

Bar to the Silver Acorn

In recognition of further specially distinguished service. The bar to the Silver Acorn can only be awarded after a Silver Acorn has been gained. 

  • Michael Richard Bell - County Executive Member
  • David John Hutton BSc - Group Executive Member 1st Little Stoke. Occaisional Helper 1st Little Stoke. District Executive Member, Brunel. District Scout Active Support Member, Brunel.
  • Richard Smith Ivens - District Scout Active Support Member, Gordano. County Administrator. County Associate Member. 
  • John Trevor Jones - Assistant District Commissioner Activities, Bristol South. Assessor for Rowing and Sculling. County Adviser for Water Activities. 
  • Professor John Richard Kirwan - County Trainer, County Chairman.
  • Rosmarie Kirwan - County Training Manager. Trainer. Training Adviser.
  • Cyril Anthony Mullen - Group Scout Active Support Manager, 256th Bristol Christchurch Hengrove (Bristol South)
  • Roger Lawrence Starr - District Scout Activie Support Member, Deep Sea Scouts. National Headquarters. County Skills Instructor.


Silver Acorn

In recognition of specially distinguished service

  • Graham Alan Brant - District Commissioner, Kingswood.
  • Robert Hussey - District Commissioner, Bristol South.
  • Graham John Meikle, JP - District Media Development Manager, Axe. County Appointments Secretary. Scout Active Support Member. County Executive Committee Member. County Appointments Chairman. 
  • Roger William Taplin - Group Scout Leader, 1st Marshfield (Cotswold Edge)
  • Nicholas James Winter - District Scout Active Support Member. International Scout Active Support Unit, National Headquarters. Scout Active Support Member, Wales. District Commissioner, Bristol South. 
  • Robert Edmund Stanfield - District Commissioner, Bristol South. 

Award for Merit

In recognition of outstanding service

  • Amir Aziz Cheema - Assistant Explorer Scout Leader. District Commissioner, Brunel. Muslim Scout Fellowship, Headquarters.

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service

In recognition of good service

  • Jean Elizabeth Watson - District Appointments Advisory Committee Member, Brunel. Scout Active Support Member. Scout Active Support Manager. Regional Development Officer, Headquarters. 



Do you know an inspirational adult colunteer who goes above and beyond what is expected of them? If you'd like to nominate someone special for an award, you'll need to complete an award application form.