St Georges Day Awards 2015

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Congratulations to those achieving St George's Day Awards. The Association has a national awards system for recognising good service, length of service and special acts of heroism and bravery, courage or endurance, and devotion to duty under suffering.


Silver Wolf

Neil Salter, County Scouter, Previous County Commissioner Avon

Bar to the Silver Acorn

Philip Woolcock, Explorer Scout Leader, District Executive Committee Member, District Camp Warden, Gordano, County Supporter of the Nights Away Permits Scheme, Deputy County Commissioner Programme, County Manager of the Activity Permits Scheme

Silver Acorn

Brian Day, District Supporter, Bristol South 

Jane Evans, Cub Scout Leader, 9th Bristol, Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts, Bristol South

Roderick Habicht, Group Skills Instructor, Group Administrator, 10th Bath (Combe Down), Local Training Manager, District Treasurer, City of Bath 

Ronald Higgs, Group Executive Committee Member, 44th Bristol (White Tree), District Executive Committee Member, Cabot 

Sarah Jenkinson, Cub Scout Leader, 77th Bristol (Redland Park), Cabot

Karl Kilburn, Scout Leader, 1st Peasedown St John, District Training Adviser, Wansdyke

Roger Lewis, District Executive Committee Member, Wansdyke 

David Milton " Arthur", District Chairman, Bristol South, County Appointments Advisory Committee Member

Anthony Stringer, District Executive Committee Member, District Appointments Secretary, District Administrator, Wansdyke

Julie Webber, Beaver Scout Leader, 169th Bristol (Brentry), Cabot 

Gary Welsh, District Explorer Scout Commissioner, Kingswood

Brian Wood, Assistant Cub Scout Leader, 1st Little Stoke