St George's Day Awards

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Congratulations to those achieving St George's Day Awards. The Association has a national awards system for recognising good service, length of service and special acts of heroism and bravery, courage or endurance, and devotion to duty under suffering.


The Cornwell Scout Badge

This exceptional award, reserved exclusively for Scouts under 20 years of age, is given in respect of pre-eminently high character and devotion to duty, together with great courage and endurance.
  • Robert Brett, (posthumous) Explorer Scout, Sharman ESU, Cotswold Edge

Silver Wolf

In recognition of services to Scouting of the most exceptional nature

  • John Rodney Mander, District Media Development Manager, District Secretary, Wansdyke

Silver Acorn

In recognition of specially distinguished service

  • Paul Anthony Gordon Brooks, District Administrator, District Chairman, Cotswold Edge
  • Michael Anthony Caines, Group Chairman 169th Bristol (Brentry), Cabot
  • Angela Mary Davies, Cub Scout Leader, 18th Bristol 1st Redland Green, Cabot
  • Barrie James Dunn, Assistant Explorer Scout Leader, Wansdyke
  • Gillian Nutt, Appointments Secretary, District Administrator, Kingswood
  • Laurence Parsons, District Scout Leader, Cabot
  • Richard John Pring, District Scout Active Support Member, Gordano, County Associate Member

Do you know an inspirational adult colunteer who goes above and beyond what is expected of them? If you'd like to nominate someone special for an award, you'll need to complete an award application form.