Scouts hit their target

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National Scout Archery Competition 

Scouts from Saltford in Avon Scout County triumphed at the National Scout Archery Competition this year.  They competed with 300 archers from all over the UK.  The Cub Scouts (8-10 ½ years old) achieved first, second and third places in both the Under 11 categories. 

The Cub Scouts started their bow training a week before Easter with Group archery leaders and were soon hitting the target.  They added another string to their bow, shooting balloons pinned to the boss. They're already looking forward to next year and hoping to defend their title. 

Inspiring future stars 

With the recent inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic archers, who knows, we could even have some future stars on our hands!  They were complimented for their Bowmanship and Archery Etiquette by the organisers of the event who said "they showed potential to become exceptional archers". 

Scouts all over Avon get their first taste of success in many different sports and activities through Scouting.  We have over 200 activities on offer throughout the year.  Many Scouts are so inspired that they go on as adults to master their skills and become the best in their sports.

Scouts aim high

Yesterday the first man ever to set foot on the Mood died.  Neil Armstrong was among 11 of the 12 men to walk on the Moon who were Scouts.  Whether your target is the Moon, to be the best at your sport or simply to try something new, Scouting can help you to taste life's possibilities and get inspired.

Volunteer with us

Volunteers get inspired by Scouting too. Not only do we offer all sorts of training, but it's hugely rewarding and, accordingly to recent independent research, employers find the skills that our volunteers gain highly valuable in the workplace.  We have over 1,000 young people waiting to join in our County alone.  We need you to inspire them.  Find out more.  

Archery training

If you're an existing volunteer with us, find out more about the forthcoming training.  You could gain a nationally recognised qualification.