Pears Foundation Interns Continue to Grow Scouting in Avon

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Over the last few months a team of 6 interns, funded by the Pears Foundation, have been working hard to develop Scouting across Kingswood, Brunel and Cabot Districts. In our latest update from the team, we find out what they've been up to!


Manvata Community in Bristol

A new combined Beaver and Cub section is being opened with leaders from the community meeting on Sunday afternoons. The section will form part of a new Scout Group near Bradley Stoke.

The taster weeks have been a huge success and the team are now working with adults from the Manvata community to run the new sections. 

Bradley Stoke

The team recently ran a taster session for young people on the waiting list in Bradley Stoke, and are planning to launch new sections in January which will allow over 100 people to move from the waiting list and straight into new spaces which will be available


The interns have been working closely with the housing association and other community organisations in the Lockleaze area to have a presence at events for the local young people over the Summer holidays. They have built a relationship of trust with the community and are holding taster weeks run by new volunteers from Lockleaze, which are currently being attended by 60 young people. 

26th Bristol (Northcote)

An open event has been held for the waiting list members, attracting lots of young people with over 20 adults expressening an interest in volunteering. Taster sessions for young people are due to start this Friday. 

Cadbury Heath

The team are currently working with GITCH (Getting It Together in Cadbury Heath) and Merlin Housing Association to open a new Scout Group at Cadbury Heath village hall. 

54th Bristol (Kingswood)

At 54th, young people have moved from the waiting list into a new Beaver and Cub Pack, meeting on a Monday evening, also allowing places for existing Beaver Scouts to move up to Cubs.

The team will be continuing to work with local communities, and local Scout Groups, to grow Scouting across the three target districts over the coming weeks and months.