Numbers on the increase – 9 years in a row!

Added 10/05/2012 test

We're delighted to announce that in Avon our numbers have grown for the 9th consecutive year - and  overall Scouting numbers in the UK also rose in 2011.

More than 12,000 people are now actively involved in scouting in Avon
We've seen significant increases in girls joining sections - an example of this was over 70% increase in girls joining Beavers in one district!!

More teenagers aged 14-18 are turning to the adventure opportunities offered by Scouting and we're delighted. We've also increased the number of adult volunteers in Avon this years so well done everyone who took the message out to friends, colleagues and family.

To give some context to the figures: 12,000 people - that's roughly the same number of people as are employed in the UK and Ireland by insurance giant AXA! and Avon Scouts would completely fill Bristol Rovers stadium with a few left outside of the gates ( we imagine there may be a few volunteers!!) .... the largest commercial businesses in Bristol don't employ half as many people (e.g. GKN aerospace and UWE have up to 5000 staff each).