Lifesaving equipment for Severn Beach thanks to our Scouts

Added 03/10/2012 test

Our Scouts in Severn Beach are helping to save lives having fundraised for a defibrillator to be installed on their building.  The Scouts recognised the opportunity after first aid training as part of their programme and they wanted to help the local community. 

Not only did they raise lots of money to make it happen but they invested in start of the art technology which makes the defibrillator quickly accessible in emergencies. 

The devise uses electric shocks to restore a regular heartbeat in life-threatening emergences. The story was featured in the local press gaining the fast-growing Group even more positive publicity for its engagement with its community.  The local MP joined the Group and other stakeholders including the Ambulance Service to celebrate their achievements. 

Their fundraising efforts will continue to help ensure the new equipment can be properly maintained.  Scouts all over Avon are making a difference in their communities in so many different ways.  Most of all they are developing skills and a mindset for life that encourages them to participate and help others.