Grow Your Group

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Flexible volunteering at its best.

We are currently embarking on a very exciting project with the Regional Development Service called "Grow Your Group". The project is designed to be a series of training and development sessions to equip groups with the necessary skills and resources to both expand and improve their existing youth provision.
Demand has been high to be one of the 12 groups from across the county to take part, and so if successful it will be repeated next, and subsequent years.
All groups that take an active part in the project are given a "Grow Your Group" resouce box containing a multitude of recruitment, advertising and development focussed goodies. It's content will assist in both the short and long term expansion of the group.

Can you give an hour or more to help develop scouting in Avon?

The Grow Your Group project needs volunteers to help on a flexible basis from preparing the resource boxes, to organising venues and ensuring participants are adequately fed and watered.

For more information or to get involved, please contact George Lewis or Karla Forrest