Government Award for Avon Scouting Volunteer

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Local volunteer Amir Cheema has been awarded a UK Point of Light Award for his outstanding contribution to community life. Locally, Amir is District Commisioner for Brunel district (covering much of inner-city Bristol) where he has achieved great feats of growth and inclusion. On a national level, he is deputy chairman of the UK Muslim Scout Fellowship which has the aim of making sure that Scouting is inclusive of the needs of the Muslim community and remove any real of perceived barriers to a young person's development in Scouting

Truly Inspirational

County Commissioner, Dan Wood, said "Amir is truly inspirational and has helped Scouting reach many mor eyoung poeple and become even more inclusive. Like so many of our volunteers he has great fun whilst changing lives and making a positive impact on our community. He is a great role model and we're very proud of him and the incredible work he does. 


The Points of Light award, first awarded in April of this year to volunteers in the recent floods, is made to individuals who have benefited their communities through voluntary action. Prime Minister David Cameron, at the first reception early this year, said that Britain "should do more as a country to recognise volunteering" and that handing out the award was an enormous privilege".