DofE Participant Earns Black Belt

Added 14/12/2015 test

Over the last six and a half years of dedicated and continuous training, Lewis Harrison gained this fantastic achievement. Well done Lewis!

On the day of the competiton, after two and a ½ hours of training, Lewis Harrison successfully achieved and was awarded his Black Belt in GKR (Go-Kan-Ryu) Karate. 

Lewis is a member of Northcote, Duke of Edinburgh Unit in Cabot District, Avon County.  He completed his Bronze Award in 2015 after completing volunteering ; Karate for his Physical; Piano for his skill and walking expedition in the Brecon Beacons.  

For his Gold Award, Lewis intends to further develop his expertise in Karate by going for his 1st Dan - one of 8 that can be earned, as well as learning to kayak for his expedition in the summer of 2016.

Lewis told me his social activities including his Karate and DofE has kept him fit and active whilst meeting like minded people and has all had a positive impact on him growing up. "It has allowed me to develop in various life skills and I recognise that effort can be rewarded whilst also receiving and giving help. It's also important to have fun".

Shuan Holmwood, an adult volunteer working with the Duke of Edinburgh Unit said "I'm really proud of Lewis's achievement. This is a great way of keeping fit and active".  I get so much from working with the Explorer Scouts and watching their achievements - this is a great basis for Lewis' next stage in the Award - Gold!"