Dan Wood appointed to International Commissioner Role

Added 15/05/2014 test

We are delighted to announce that Dan Wood has been appointed to the headquarters role of International Commissioner. Dan is currently County Commissioner for Avon and will step down from that role before beginning his new position in September

He has already contributed widely to the Association's development nationally in areas as diverse as our review of Programme, Fundamentals, governance, branding and inclusion.

Dan said: 'The hopes and aspirations of the young know no boundaries and their lives are increasingly intertwined. Our greatest challenge is to help them to develop as caring, co-operative, respectful and responsible global citizens who can change the world for the better.'

He continues: 'This is a really fantastic opportunity to advance Scouting's role, relationships and impact internationally in new and exciting ways and to play a part in the UK leadership team of a movement I'm incredibly passionate about.'

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