Calling all teachers and school governors

Added 20/02/2014 test

We are looking to develop proactive engagement with schools and colleges across the County. We need a small task force to help us develop our strategy and co-ordinate this activity working closely with our County Management Team (including District Commissioners). We're particularly keen to hear from you if you're a current/former school leader, teacher or governor or if you simply have an interest in this area or other relevant skills and experiences.

We want school leaders in particular to understand the benefits of working with and supporting Scouting in their community. We're keen to work in partnership with them and to ask them to pledge their practical support to the non-formal education we provide which complements academic achievements and builds character. We think they could do this in a whole variety of ways including: enabling us to regularly promote volunteering and Scouting through their internal communication channels; helping us establish Scouting provision in/after school; providing free or discounted access to meeting places and facilities; helping us to target disadvantaged and underrepresented segments of the community; facilitating and promoting volunteering amongst school and college employees.

For more information please email