Appointment of County Training Manager

Added 16/10/2015 test

I am pleased to announce that Mike Banfield, has been appointed Avon County Training Manager with effect from 12th October 2015. 

Mike started in Scouting as a Cub, progressing through the Scout Section until Venture Scouts. Whilst at University in 1995 he started volunteering, and became an Assistant Scout Leader when he returned to Bristol. In 2000, he created the Brabazon Venture Scout Unit which he ran for three years. He was active in setting up the Explorer Scouts and went on to became DESC and also ran the Young Leader Unit in the District. 

When an opportunity came along to return to his old scout group and to became Group Scout Leader, he seized the moment and was very fortunate to be working with a fantastic team of adult volunteers both uniformed and non-uniformed. In recent years, Mike has been involved in Adult Leader Training. Throughout all of this he is supported by his wife Catherine and his three children. 

Mike believes that training is a fantastic opportunity to meet new leaders and pass on skills and knowledge. Mike told me "It is always uplifting to hear all the fantastic activities volunteers have undertaken and provided opportunities for young people to experience. I am looking forward to helping new Leaders complete their training and supporting existing Leaders in their roles". 

Rosmarie Kirwin, will be remaining as part of the Training Team, as she will be undertaking the administration of Wood Badges, and I would like to thank her on behalf of the County team, for her many years of volunteering as County Training Manager. Her knowledge and experience will be invaluable to Mike and his team, as they work together to train volunteers to meet the Scouting Vision of 2018. 

If anyone would like to join the training team, Mike would like to hear from you directly. We are actively looking to recruit new volunteers in all areas of the County and District training teams, so that we can provide more local training opportunities. You can contact him by email 

Graham Brant

County Commissioner, Avon Scout County