1st stoke gifford scouts return from Cyprus

Added 22/12/2013 test

We have recently returned from a foreign trip to Cyprus where we camped with the 48th Dhekelia scout troop.

The camp/ trip took nearly a year to plan but the 16 scouts and 8 adults had the time of their lives, scuba diving, sea kayaking, sailing, rafting, swimming, fishing, hiking, pioneering. A cultural visit to a monastery in the Trudos mountains with lunch on the top of Mount Olympus, also a trip to the buffer zone with the United Nations and  crossing the green line into  Northern Cyprus.

 To help celebrate 100 years of scouting in Cyprus we jointly planted a centenary wood which was reported in 2 local newspapers and held an investiture on one of the rafts in the bay at Dhekelia.

 The two troops have been in contact with each other for several years raising money for charities together such as The Children's Hospice and Shelterbox (their funds purchased a box which has been deployed to Lebanon for a family escaping Syria). We also exchange troop comics/ magazines with interesting information about activities and events we have done and contact details for pen pals etc.

 The Cypriot scouts are coming to visit UK staying with Stoke Gifford scouts at Woodhouse Park next July and have invited us back to Cyprus in 2015. This truly was a trip of a lifetime and I we would recommend it to any other troops.

 Andrew Phelps, scout leader with the 1st Stoke Gifford scouts on Bristol