Support our Programme Teams in Avon

There are over 12,000 Young People involved in Scouting across Avon Scout County. Weekly they enjoy a whole range of activities to help them develop and have a lot of fun. Over 3000 adults support Scouting in Avon, ensuring the members have a great Scouting experience and they also have a very enjoyable volunteer hobby.

We are looking to strengthen our team to support our volunteers better and increase the Scouting Opportunities across Avon with these new Assistant County Commissioner roles. We are therefore seeking people with the right attitude and leadership skills to undertake the following roles.

ACC Network

A new role, to volunteer with the newly appointed ADCs Network, to further develop and encourage Network Scouting in the 18 to 25 age Group

Role Description

ACC Explorers

To further enhance the current County Explorer programme and to encourage and support Explorer Scouting within the Districts in close liaison with the District Explorer Scout Commissioners

Role Description

ACC Explorers (Young Leader)

A new role to focus on the development of the Young Leader training programme and Young people across the county via our Districts and in close liaison with the District Explorer Scout Commissioners

Role Description

ACC Programme / Programme team members

New opportunities to work across all aspects of the programme to lead / support activities and projects to increase the range of Scouting opportunities and support for our Young People and Adult volunteers.

Role Description


With these roles and existing ACCs, and their teams volunteer roles, we will further develop great activities, events and how we support leaders. Our aim is to deliver great Scouting which continues to grow, is youth led, inclusive, relevant, empowering and imaginative.

Please consider these roles, have a read of the role descriptions and why not step forward for one of these key role within Avon Scouts. (you may apply for more than one if you wish)

Experience, whilst very helpful, is not essential, we will support, train and develop you, key to being successful is being keen, with the right attitude, enthusiastic and determined to make a difference.

Undertaking this role will be a real and exciting adventure so come and join the team and make a major difference with our Scouting adventure in Avon… it will be a lot of FUN and very rewarding.

If you are interested in one or more of these roles please complete the application form.  If  you wish to discuss the role then please contact Phil on 01275 851734 for an informal chat or email on and he will call you!  

Applications on the form please with the closing date for applications being Sunday 13th December 2015