Avon County Training Team

Led by the County Training Manager, the Training Team organises and delivers Training Modules and other training activities.

Training Team members have a range of Scouting experience and personal and professional expertise in planning, delivering, presenting, facilitating and supporting learning.

The County Training Manager is: Mike Banfield

Members of the County Training Team include:

Rosmarie Kirwan, Trainer and County Training Administrator                                                  

Rosemarie Kirwan Trainer
Sue Gillett Trainer

John Kirwan

Alan Rosewell Trainer
Andy Scully Trainer
Mike Banfield Trainer
David Grant Trainer
John Llewellyn Training Team QM

In addition to the County Training Team, each district has an Assistant District Commissioner - Training

To find out when and where training courses are running, and to book a place online, please use the link below (course information & dates are regularly updated):