Information for the Leaders


Preparing teams

Teams need very little preparation for the competition but it is very important that they are sufficiently equipped. Please see the kit list on the 'About the Competition' Page.  Although most competitors have, in past competitions, turned up fully equipped for the competition we have had a number of instances where teams aren't fully prepared for a night under canvas:so please ensure that your teams have a full dry change of clothes and a good sleeping bag kept dry in their tent at base. On completing the competition, and having something to eat, competitors must go back to their tents and get warm and dry.


In terms of practical preparation it is suggested that units practice compass bearings and map reading on a unit night in advance of the competition.


Team Leader

Each team must, before the competition, nominate a team leader who may act as final arbiter in any disagreement between the team.



The location of the event is always kept a secret until 2-3 weeks before. At this point all teams are notified by email of the start location and their team's start time. The location is never more than 12 miles from the centre of Bristol. That way no teams will have an advantage by being any more familiar with the location/route than any other.


Important notes to drivers

  1. As always please try to travel in as few vehicles as possible.

  2. Please approach the base at a safe and sensible speed as teams will be walking along the lane.
  3. When you arrive on the site please park as directed by the safety marshals. Make it clear to them whether you are dropping off teams or staying over.


Check in

You will be required to check in at least 30 minutes before your allocated start time. Please arrive at least 1 hour before your allotted start time as you will also need some time before that to put your tents up. As soon as you arrive send one team member & leader to the check-in desk to notify us of your arrival.

You will require:-

  1. Your letter with your start number & time
  2. your completed consent forms (one for every competitor)
  3. completed contact sheet (2 copies per team)
  4. completed consent/contact forms for leaders

These will all be mailed out to you 2 weeks before the event..


Facilities at Base for leaders

Facilities will be available for Leaders who are staying over (you will still need to camp); there will be a 'lounge' showing movies and a news board showing latest positions of the teams. Refreshments will also be available. Please try to avoid coming into the control room as it tends to get very busy!



Teams should make arrangements to be picked up at 9.30. Parents are welcome at the presentation at 9.00.



Any queries should be directed to:-


Gary or Georgia Welsh on 01761 472518 or 07887 808040


For a downloadable copy of the information above, Click Here