About the Competition


The competition

The competition is a night navigation event. It comprises 6 sections covering around 11 miles. 

Teams are required to follow instructions given to them at each checkpoint to navigate the route to the next checkpoint using also map and compass.  They will also be asked to find the answers to a number of observational or cryptic questions along the way.  Points are awarded for questions answered so its important that teams follow the route, as instructed, and have a go at the questions.

To keep all members of the team occupied there will also be a number of challenges for them to complete as they walk.



The competition will be judged equally on your team's ability to accurately navigate around the course and the number of questions answered and challenges completed.  The competition is not a race.  Points will be deducted if a team goes over the allotted time for a section but no points will be awarded for completing a section faster than the allotted time.

Penalties may be deducted for reasons determined by the organisers such as being noisy near houses.

Bonus marks may be awarded in exceptional circumstances as determined by the organisers.

Each team must finish the competition with at least 3 members to qualify for the trophy.

If any team member needs to drop out of the competition he/she must do so at a checkpoint (unless in emergency).  The team must NEVER be separated.



There will be hot snacks and hot & cold drinks available at the half way point and finish.  There will also be a light breakfast available from 0800.  These are included in the entry fee;


Kit list

It is important that teams arrive with all the appropriate kit; not just for the competition but for camping over also. The site is quite exposed and team members could very quickly get cold if not properly equipped.


For the event each team will require:

  • OS Explorer Map(1:25 000)- as instructed in the info pack.
  • First aid kit
  • Compass (at least 2)
  • Map case (2 if possible)
  • Pencils (at least 2)
  • Clipboard &  clear polythene bag - you will need to keep your instruction/answer sheet dry
  • Whistle (at least 2)
  • Fluorescent tabards or high visibility jackets (at least 2 per team)


Each individual will require:

  • Torch & spare batteries (this is important … its dark!)
  • Walking boots (no wellingtons, no trainers!)
  • Warm clothing (many thin layers are better than a few thick ones)
  • Waterproof coat and trousers
  • Spare jumper/fleece
  • Hat & gloves
  • Water bottle.


For camping over you will also require:

  • Tent/s
  • Bedding mat or similar
  • Sleeping bag
  • Wash kit & towel
  • Change of clothes
    • This is important; you will get cold if you don't change into warm dry clothing as soon as you complete the competition. Keep this change of clothes and your sleeping bag well wrapped in your tent.


Safety Check

Each team will be given a safety check before they are permitted to compete.  Please ensure that, when they are called to the safety check, that they are ready to start walking and have all of the following;

  • map folded to the right place and in the map case
  • compass to hand
  • correct clothing and footwear and are ready to walk - teams will be prevented from competing if not properly equipped as the course could be wet


Mobile Phones

Each team must provide at least one mobile number on which they can be contacted during the event. This must be detailed in the contact sheet attached. There will be a number of checkpoints along the route that will be radio linked and teams should rarely be more than ½ mile away from a checkpoint.


On arrival at least one member of the team should text their team number & first name (e.g. '36 Tim') to the number displayed at the reception.  They will receive an automatic response so that they can save the number. This will enable us to contact the team quickly & for them to get help quickly if required. The number is a temporary number for the event. The number will cease following the event and the sim card destroyed.



The results will be announced at 0900 hours on the Sunday morning.  There will also be a presentation of:-

The Rickard Shield - to the winning team.

The Runners up Plate - to the Runners up.

The Golden Boot - highest place Network/Senior team

The VOA Spirit Cup - to the team demonstrating the best team spirit on the night.

Certificates for all participating teams


The answers to the questions will be posted up for you to see. Parents and leaders are welcome and refreshments will be available (donations to charity).



Team photographs will be taken which will be presented with your certificate.  Photos may subsequently be posted on the Avon Scouts web-site or used in publicising the event.  Please tick the box on the consent form if you do not want this photo to be taken or used for publicity.



Any queries should be directed to:-


Gary or Georgia Welsh on 01761 472518 or 07887 808040 


For a downloadable copy of the information above, Click Here