Managing and reporting incidents and accidents

The Scout Association produce an emergency card which should be carried in all mountaineering activities which can be downloaded here.

This article is re-produced by kind permission from TRAIL magazine and is an extract from the booklet 'Call Out Mountain Rescue. A Pocket Guide to Safety on the Hill' edited by Judy Whiteside and published by Mountain Rescue (England & Wales).

The CHALET report is an acronym introduced by Mountain Rescue teams to summarise all the info needed to make a rescue efficient. If you need rescuing, dial 999 and ask for the Police and then ask for Mountain Rescue. Then be prepared to give the CHALET report:

  • Casualties: number, names (and, if possible, age); type of injuries (for example, lower leg, head injury, collapse, drowning)
  • Hazards to rescuers: for example, strong winds, avalanche, rock fall
  • Access: the name of the mountain area and description of the terrain. It may be appropriate to describe the approach and any distinguishing features such as an orange survival bag. Information on the weather conditions at the incident site is useful, particularly if you are in cloud or mist.
  • Location of the incident: a grid reference and a description are ideal. Give the map sheet number and please say if the grid reference is from a GPS device.
  • Equipment at the scene:  for example, torches, other mobile phones, group shelters and any medical personnel
  • Type of incident:  mountain, aircraft, train etc. Be prepared to give a brief description of the time and apparent cause of the incident.

The above booklet (ISBN 978-0-9501765-8-1) is available from all good book shops and via their website. Keep up to date with information from Mountain Rescue through a subscription to their BASECAMP magazine & hope you never have to use them!

Using Mobile Phone to Text 999 for Help

You can register your phone to Text 999 for help when you don't have esufficient signal to make a call.  Follow the link for more details Text 999. Hopefuly you will never nead it.