Volunteering opportunities within Scouting

There are a number of different ways in which members can complete the volunteering section within Scouting, not just being a young leader or adult leader.

  • Young leader: The Scout Association
  • Adult leader: The Scout Association
  • Activity leader: outdoor leadership
  • Campsite service crew: environment
  • Supporting the Duke of Edinburgh's Award within the local area: award leadership
  • Fundraising for specific projects and charities
  • First aid: (there is a practical service requirement to this. Completing the training is not enough).

If you do choose to do your volunteering as a young leader or adult leader then you will need to have completed either module A of the young leaders' scheme or the Getting Started modules of the adult training scheme. In addition to this you will need at each level to complete at least two hours of training appropriate to your role (this is not cumulative).

Non-members completing the volunteering section within Scouting

Non-members may only work within Scouting (as non-members) for the period required for this section as either a young leader or adult leader working directly with a section. During this period they may operate as any other young leader with that section and will be required to complete the training requirements (module A or Getting Started plus two hours of training appropriate to the role). Throughout this period they will be insured and may operate within the section as if they were members (this includes taking part in camps etc, but does not include taking part in the wider explorer scout programme or acting as service crew at a campsite). Any over-18 wanting to take this option is required to undergo the normal safeguarding checks (personal enquiry and CRB).