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Ever wanted to have a go at something completely different? Or get recognised for the time and effort you put into your favourite hobby? This is what the Skills section is all about.

From podcasting to painting, from DJing to driving, from music to making kites, whatever skill you choose can allow you to develop new talents or perfect existing ones. Follow a passion or discover a new one, the choice is yoursOnce you've chosen your skill you'll need to decide how long you're going to do it for and set yourself some objectives - what you want to get out of doing it. You'll then need to find someone who will agree to be your Assessor - they need to have some knowledge of the skill you're doing so they can help you along the way and agree at the end that you've met your goals.

As soon as you have all this in place just check with your Leader before you start - this enables us to establish whether you've 'ticked' all the boxes needed to progress towards achieving your Award and that you've set yourself enough of a challenge. They'll also make sure what you've chosen counts for the Skills section, for example, dance is physical but dance appreciation is a skill.

Download the ideas list for the skills section.

Download a skills section planner.