Facilities and accommodation

Glenny wood2

Facilities on site

  • Lodge
  • Wood for fire
  • Car Parking 
  • BBQ area
  • Full toilet facilities 
  • Patio Area
  • Showers 
  • Camp Fire Circle
  • Campers Fridge & Freezer
  • Various Activities
  • Altar Fires
  • Opportunities for Service and Conservation activities

The site is open all year round. Glenny Wood therefore is an ideal site for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network members to come along and enjoy their Scouting


For those wishing to camp there are plenty of Plateau areas for you to use. The Plateaus will hold between 1-4 patrol tents and have space for kitchen areas and cooking. Altar Fires only are allowed on site, and are supplied for this. The exception to this is a campfire in the Campfire circle and the stone fire area on Willow.

The Lodge

We have our newly refurbished lodge, which is great for Beaver Scout Sleepovers, Pack Holidays, and other residential experiences needing indoor accommodation. The building is suitable for sleeping up to 30, with two side rooms for leader/young leader accommodation.  Please note that bunk beds are not provided. Normal services are available and in the refitted kitchen there is a cooker, fridge etc. Please bring your own cooking utensils, pots & pans plus crockery and cutlery. There is a freezer in the campers area at the front of the toilet block.

The Campers and Games Store

This is in the area in front of the toilet block. In this store area there is a fridge and freezer for all site users to access. We also keep in here games which you are welcome to use and are free of charge. Please treat this facility and equipment with respect and care. Please keep this area tidy and return all kit used to the room storing away neatly.

Pioneering Stores

We hold a large range of pioneering equipment and project ideas. To use the pioneering equipment please book with the secretary and you will be given the code to access the store. The pole store key is held in the green rope store. The equipment is sufficient for most large pioneering projects. We have plastic (synthetic) and natural fibre ropes and long ropes (Monkey Bridge etc. Building your own Pioneering activities, including Aerial Runways. These must comply with the Scout Association's Rules and Regulations. Ropes attached to trees can cause bark damage. Please ensure all points of attachment are suitably protected and ensure that all ropes and swings are removed completely at the end of your stay. There are Pioneering poles and ropes available to use on site.

Day / Evening visits

Glenny Wood is ideal for a section meeting night, for practicing traditional Scout craft activities, wide games, bivvy building and much more; just let the imagination go wild.