Inclusion and Accessibility Support Fund

Inclusion Support Fund

One of our priorities in our County Plan is promotion inclusion.  We want Scouting to be as inclusive and accessible as possible and as diverse as the communities in which we live.  Accordingly, our Trustee Board/County Executive has agreed a special fund which your Group/Section can access. You or young people in your Group/Section can apply to gain financial help with practical things that will help make taking part in Scouting more accessible, especially to those who are under-represented or from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

  • You might for instance need to improve access to your Scout premises or activities, making it easier for those with disabilities or particular needs to be involved. This could be improvement and installation of accessible features to buildings or activity equipment or other programme materials.
  • You might need targeted financial help to help pay for participation in a particular activity, event or training experience that might otherwise be restricted due to ability of an individual to pay and/or Group ability to help.
  • You or you might wish to run a project/ initiative or event/activity to encourage and welcome more people from underrepresented communities (BME/ethnicity, faith, sexuality, disability, economic status/social disadvantage).  You might start a partnership project with a more targeted local organisation (Mosque, Temple, Charity etc.) in this area to facilitate access to Scouting.

Applications for funding must (criteria for success):

  • Inclusion: Briefly explain why the groups/individuals you propose are supported by the additional funds might be otherwise excluded or underrepresented (e.g. building not or equipment not accessible, financial disadvantage means they can't afford to take part; underrepresented community don't know about/understand Scouting yet etc)
  • Benefit/impact: try to quantify or explain the specific benefits/impacts that your proposal will have if successful (i.e. how your proposal will make a difference to individuals/Group/Section/local community)
  • Broadening membership/participation:  the extent to which this will make your Group/Section more diverse or representative of your local community

To apply simply complete and return the form outlining:

  • What you propose is purchased with the funds (item/cost)
  • How what you will propose will help address a need in your Section/Group to make Scouting more accessible/inclusive
  • Who will benefit if your request is successful and what impact this will have
  • How much money you need in total to deliver what you propose
  • How much money you are requesting from this fund (and any other sources which will make up the total amount)
  • How you will ensure value for money and that the money is used as efficiently as possible
  • Showing that you have considered and mitigated any relevant risks associated with the proposal
  • How what you purchase will be properly looked after/managed
  • Any other supporting evidence