About Neil Salter

Having joined Cubs at the age of 8 (Beavers was not an option in those days) Neil has yet to leave the movement continuing to enjoy the fun and friendship that Scouting brings to both young people and adults alike. Whilst a youth member Neil gained his Queen Scout Award and has subsequently over the years carried out a number of Adult roles in Scouting in both Wiltshire and Oxfordshire as well as Avon. His early years as an adult leader were spent supporting the Scout Section before taking on the role of County Commissioner Avon Scouts from 2001 through to 2011.An accountant by profession Neil works for The Post Office (the part that sells the stamps not deliver the letters) where he currently holds the post of Head of Finance for the Crown Office Network . Fitting in Scouting alongside family life and work is helped by the fact that his Boss is well disposed to Scouting having been an Explorer Scout Leader for many years

About the County Chairman Role

The County Chairman is the Chair of the County Executive Committee. As such, he leads the executive committee, ensuring that it fulfils its responsibilities within the County. He works closely with the County Commissioner (by whom he is nominated) to achieve the purposes of the Scout Association throughout Avon. 

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