Honouring our volunteers

The Association has a national awards system for recognising good service, length of service and special acts of heroism and bravery, courage or endurance, and devotion to duty under suffering. 

Being a national system affords it prestige and allows all applications to be considered objectively according to national criteria. Except in the case of recognition of length of adult service, awards are not made automatically, and proper, detailed justification must be made in every case.

Most never expect any reward, but it's a great way to show how much we value and appreciate them, perhaps also encouraging and motivating further amazing things.

A County Awards Panel: supporting you in making nominations

Our County Awards Panel led by Stuart Ballard promotes, supports and advises on awards nominations; they're here to help you. Say a special thank you to those who have impressed and inspired you. Help us make sure we don't overlook deserving people.

You can find all the nomination forms and supporting information you need right  here. You can email or write to Stuart Ballard C/o The County Office.